storage units

All units are located in a fenced are with supervision.


Size   rent €/month
(V.A.T not included)
8 m2 130 €/month
10 m2 145 €/month
12 m2 160 €/month
15 m2 185 €/month
20 m2 215 €/month
24 m2 250 €/month

Dimensions of the door
7-15 m2 100×200 cm (Width x height)
20 m2 ja 25 m2 230×230 cm (Width x height)


Size Rent €/month
(V.A.T not included)
8 m2 120 €/month
10 m2 130 €/month
12 m2 145 €/month
14 m2 165 €/month


Dimensions of the door
4-10 m2 100×210 cm (Width x height)
25 m2 150×200 cm (Width x height)
33-34 m2 200×200/230 cm (Width x height)

Riihimäki – in-house

Size Rent €/month (V.A.T not included)
4 m2 80 €/month
4,5 m2 85 €/month
5 m2 90 €/month
5,5 m2 95 €/month
6 m2 100 €/month
7 m2 105 €/month
8 m2 110 €/month
9 m2 120 €/month
10 m2 125 €/month
25-34 m2 260 €/month


All storage units are heated. Utility costs are included in the majority or our storage units and no additional fee will be charged. Some units have a separate meter that measures electricity consumption, these units will be charged according to the usage of electricity four times a year. Electricity consumption for these units are charged on the following dates; 15.1, 15.3, 15.5 and 15.12 or at the end of the rental agreement.

Keys and entry pass will be granted after the first months rent and deposit is paid and the contract is signed. After this the lessee is free to utilize the storage unit. For the in-house storage units at Riihimäki the lessee is to provide a lock for the storage unit.

The in-house unit at Riihimäki are accessible via sturdy ramp, alternatively the loading bridge may also be used. The larger units at the in-house storage facility in Riihimäki (25-34 m2) are accessible via a car that supports vehicle.